Monday, October 22, 2012

It's All About Me

So this weekend the weather held and the hubster and I were able to go out and take some pictures. Now, after reviewing them, I understand why I have taken so long to come up with an author pic. I do not care for having my picture taken. I usually have some dopey expression or I'm standing awkwardly looking uncomfortable, and then I'm left wondering if this is how I'm going through life--awkward with a dopey expression. Anyway, because I am becoming the most indecisive person ever, I''ve narrowed down to three.

Option A. (Incidentally, this is the hubster's and my mom's favorite. I think my face looks too puffy.)

Option B. (This is the one I'm leaning toward due to a less puffy face.)

Option C. (Cool angle, but puffy face issues again. Sigh.)

Or maybe I should just go with a picture of a horse.

Or some corn.
Any thoughts?


  1. Lol, Dawn--horse or corn hehe...let's see, I really like option B. You can mess around with copies on the 'puter and crop so you have a head shot etc.

    You're very pretty BTW! Looks like you're a deep thinker ;)

  2. All of them are great, Dawn. I agree with the fam on the top being awesome, but I like the one in the middle too. You remind me of Sara Evans- and my son swears she's the hottest. LOL.