Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confessions of a Bad Blogger

Yeah, I suck. I know. On the upside, based on the above photo I have no more excuses. My computer woes have come to an end with the purchase of a new laptop. Convenience won out over sturdiness.

Things that I love  about my new computer: it's small, light and comfortable to use and no more Vista. Things I don't like: the stupid Norton Anti-virus software that keeps popping up even after I have clicked numerous times that I don't want it.

As a special treat to me, I also purchased new Office. Yes, I have finally upgraded from word97. It's a whole new world, I tell you.

So since it's been so long here's what's new with me. I'm hard at work on The Devil's Shadow. I'd love  to be done the first draft by the end of the month so I can work on The Devil's Due for Nano. Though, I might be about two weeks too ambitious, but we'll see.

I'm reading Nowhere to Hide by Nancy Bush. I read Nowhere to Run and loved it, so immediately purchased the second book.

We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving here. Lots to thankful for this year--like not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner. ;-) Just kidding...sort of. We spent most of the week visiting family and at the kid's game.

 I've pulled a muscle in my neck and am presently writing this in bed wishing I could get comfortable.

I guess that's it. We're caught up. What's new with everyone else?


  1. Congrats on the new laptop, Dawn. How's your neck today?

  2. Thanks, Jerri!! Neck's a bit better. Since yesterday it's been me, the couch and muscle relaxers, and the combination seems to be working.

  3. Hi, Dawn,

    How is the new MS coming along?

  4. Hi Monique,

    The MS is coming along steadily, which is good. Fingers crossed it stays that way.