Friday, April 20, 2012

So, What's New With You?

You may have noticed my recent change of venue. What can I say? Life can be funny sometimes, and not so much in the haha kind of way. Anyway, the short version is welcome to my new home on the web. Hopefully all five of my previous blog followers will follow me here too. ;-)

Actually, it's kind of exciting to have a fresh start and that's kind of what I'm doing here. Sometimes, a change can breathe some new life into something. And I really like all these gadgets that I couldn't have on my previous blog.

But enough about blogs. I've been crazy busy this past week. I continue to move forward with rewrites on The Devil's Eye. I'm writing the sequel, The Devil's Shadow. And of course there's been getting The Witch's Stone ready for release. The latter is my first dip in the indy pool, and I've really had a lot of fun getting it ready...especially the cover, which I have posted for your visual pleasure.

I'm desperately needy so tell me what you think of it and/or the new blog.


  1. OMG Dawn, I love it here! The walls & televison set remind me of moving into my first apartment! And I love the new cover for The Witch's Stone. So very very exciting and totally agree that sometimes you just gotta shake things up to get the good stuff to the top! Great news about a sequel! Yay!

    1. Thanks, Tere. I loved the run down look and the old TV.

  2. Hi, Dawn,

    Lovely site, and I like your covers--so cool.


  3. Thanks, Monique. I've been super lucky with covers. Though, The Witch's Stone is my design and I'm kind of proud of it. *blush*